Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A new season and a New year

I havn't written in awhile it's been busy with all the Christmas we have to celebrate. But I just wanted to wish a everyone a Happy New year and it's a new season!!!! I'm looking forwardt to all that God has for our family in the new year it's been a crazy year in 2008 but it was good I'm looking for something better in 09! I'll post more later with pictures of some of things that boys got for Christmas I viedo taped more than pics this year but once I figure out how to post those I'll do that!!! Have a great new year and God bless you and your family!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Hardest Christmas so far....

Well I know you probably are tired of hearing about it but it's still hard for me. This is the first Christmas without my dad and as the days are approaching it's getting harder. Even though I know he's in a much better place than I am right now. But it still doesn't justify the way I feel when my boys look at me and say they miss Papaw Dave, and when Kristofer says he wishes he could see him. Those little boys only knew him for a short time I knew him for 29 years of my life, and loved every minute of it. Was he perfect no just a wonderful dad and papaw. I really never get a chance to talk about him because it seems to make all those around me in my family sad. But I love talking about the things that he did and who he was, because it makes me get thru it alot easier. That's who he was a joking person always wanting to make someone smile, he was never sad. So why should his memory be sad, is what I think anyway. Most of you never knew my dad, I wish you could have met him he was an awesome guy.
I remember every Christmas morning he would come up the stairs with the video camera and sing us a song to get us up, of course at the time we didn't like it but I would love for that to happen now. He always got us a gag gift and he always seem to give it us when we had someone over that we would get embarassed with. There was never a dull moment when he was around, he wouldn't let you be sad or even mad he was always doing things to make us laugh.
That's what I miss most about this Christmas, laughter and joking. It seems that everyone else in my family is sad and don't want to even celebrate Christmas this year but as for me, I do I want to keep those memories alive and pass them on to my boys. That is what he would want me to do. So as hard as this Christmas is for me I have to keep on and do what I know he would want me to do . Because I know for a fact that he is n't crying right now he is having Christmas with the best!! Can you imagine that I think that is the best Christmas gift I could have ever recieved this year knowing that he's in heaven and I'll be able to see him again very soon!
After my dad passed away I heard this song and it reminded me of him and what I had to go thru in letting him go. So I thought I would share it with you. Sorry if I keep talking about this but it's really dear to my heart as he will always be.

Monday, December 22, 2008

A day of relaxing!

Well this weekend the boys weren't feeling very well like many of you that read this blog. It's been an awful time with everyone being sick. I pray that everyone is starting to feel better in time for Christmas!
So today we took it easy, we stayed in our Pajamas all day long( I know lazy right) well I tell you what it felt good! I haven't done that in I don't know how long. With Christmas being a few days away and we start celebrating on Christmas Eve and don't finish up until a few days after Christmas. I thought it would be nice to have a day of relaxing. So that is what we did. Jimmy of course had to go to work at 3 but he played with the boys until then. Then after he went to work we baked cookies, iced them and of course ate a few in between. Then we played a few games together, connect 4 and battleship. The boys seemed to have a great day and so did I. I wish everyday could be relaxing day! But then I would get nothing done. Well I took a few pictures of the boys icing cookies and playing connect 4
I'm sure before the week is up I'll post some exciting Christmas things!
Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow Day!!!

Well today we had a snow day so the kids were out of school! I love it when they are home with me, I know it makes for a long day especially when you are use to having them at school but it's great to have them home with me.
Today we were lazy, stayed in pj's pretty much the whole day(don't you just love days like that) I know I do! We got some housework done, and some Christmas cookies made which was alot of fun.
Christmas is almost here and the boys are so excited about it, especially Kolton this year. I just sat there today and watched the boys playing, and man how fast they grow up. It's unreal.. it seems like yesterday I just had them and now look at them. God is good that's all I can say! Well there really isn't much else to write today, it's just one of those days where we are snuggling on the couch and watching Christmas movies and eating cookies!
Enjoy this weather!!!
If I haven't said it yet.... MERRY CHRISTMAS

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Overwhelmed with God's Blessings

Well as many of you know this past weekend was our Single Mom/Dad Christmas at the church. It was really awesome as it is every year but each year I'm amazed of how good God is. I'm exhausted from it all but I'm so blessed to have been apart of it all. I can not even begin to tell you all the things that took place but I do have to share a few things because I'm about ready to bust!!!!
Well first of all Saturday we had some prizes to give away (bikes and a Ninetendo DS) the kids were thrilled about that,but they only saw the bikes not the DS.
Well there was this little girl who didn't want to come in the class she wanted to stay with her mom, which is understandable never had been there before kinda scared, but we talked her into coming. Well when everyone got there we sat in a circle and told our names and something that we really wanted for Christmas, and that girl said that she wanted a DS(not knowing that we were going to be giving one away)Isn't God good! Well when we were playing our game to get the door prizes she landed on # 39 and guess what number we drew out of the box? That's right # 39!!! You should have seen her face she was blown away. God knows what each one of us need or want and we may not always get those things like she did but He knows the right time to do it!
Then during prayer time I had 18 new children accept Jesus into their life! That to me was the best gift I could have recieved this Christmas, there isn't anything better than watching a child come to know Jesus as their best friend. It reminded me this weekend of when I came to know Jesus at the age of 6 and I"m still with it, not perfect but forgiven!
All the children who recieved a bike on Saturday the moms were blown away because they needed them, and the moms couldn't get them one. One little boy said that was on his Christmas list but wasnt' sure if Santa would be able to get it for him but aren't you glad that we don't depend on Santa we depend on JESUS and He supplies all of needs Faithful is our God!
One more testimony was this morning at church there was this little girl who was brand new has never been there before we were praying after our lesson. And she said before I started praying that she wanted to have Jesus as her best friend and I was of course very excited then she said that her brother had died awile back and he went to heaven and she said well you said if I have Jesus in my heart then I'll be able to go to heaven and that is what I want so I can be able to see my brother again! I was blown away and of course started crying. OVERWHELMED with God's blessings!
Sometimes we think that just because they are children they don't have needs or they don't understand but I know that they do. God said let the children come to me. They are so sincere and they know what they want, and not ashamed of it. Sometimes they put adults to shame because they are more on fire for God then the adults who have been saved for along time. We can all learn something from a child if we just take the time to listen and care what they are talking about instead of ignoring them because they are small. So I know this was along post but I'm thankful this Christmas that children learned about Jesus this weekend, Moms/Dads got blessed and I was reminded once again that God is faithful and good

Have a Merry Christmas!~!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Back to not sleeping all night?

Well ever since Jimmy switched to this 2nd shift, Kolton isn't sleeping all night? I thought we were past all this like when he was 2 months? Guess not! He has been coming in the bed at 3 am with us and you talk about getting no sleep I forgot what it was like to have a baby in the house! We have never let the boys sleep in our bed but now he comes in there and won't go back to sleep in his own bed. I don't know how many times he has kicked me and i almost fell out of the bed!
And that is why I"m up so early writing on my blog!!!!
If any one has any suggestions please let me know, this is crazy but it started when this new shift came so I don't know if he knows that Jimmy is home then as to where he wasn't home before? Who knows but we have to find a solution!

Other than that we are doing really good getting ready for Christmas! We are getting ready for single Mom/Dad Christmas in 2 days I"m excited about that! Hope you all have a very good day and that maybe tonight I'll get some all night sleep!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

sometimes christmas makes me cry

I love this song! I find myself crying alot at Christmas time and it's not because I'm sad it's because I have so much to be thankful for it's unreal!
Every year for the past 10 years I've been involved in helping out at the Single Moms Christmas at our church. It's so much fun, hard work but so rewarding.
Every year I cry before and after because I'm amazed each year how good God is. Christmas is so much more than gifts and decorations and shopping. It's about giving and that is what Jesus came for to give us life.
We are getting ready to have the Single Moms and Dad's Christmas this coming weekend and I'm so excited. I was at the church tonight and I'll be there on and off this week helping get ready for it and as I was looking at the boxes and all the things that God supplies for this event is amazing. I can't wait for Saturday when a child gets a bike, a toy that they wanted, or to recieve a hug from one of the children because they are so thankful. To be able to see the moms faces when they pick up their children after they have been blessed beyond measure, it's all worth it. That is why sometimes Christmas makes me cry. Because we get so out of wack sometimes that we just miss the whole point of it all.
Every year I tell my husband that I don't want anything for Christmas and that's the truth and he always ask me why but I tell him as long as I can go and help at the Single Mom/Dad Christmas and see those children be blessed that's all I need.
I know most of you on here are helping with this on Saturday and I'm ready I hope you guys are too! Merry Christmas !

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Last night while driving around looking at Christmas lights with the boys I heard this poem on WBGL that caught my attention. As all of you know that I lost my dad in August and this will be our first Christmas without him. So it's kinda hard but when I heard this poem it really made me see things in a different way. Enjoy!

" I'm Spending Christmas with Jesus this Year"

I see the countless Christmas trees
around the world below
with tiny lights like heaven stars
reflecting on the snow

The sight is so spectacular
Please wipe away that that tear
For I'm spending Christmas
with Jesus Christ this year

I hear the many Christmas songs
That people hold so dear
O', the sounds of music can't compare
with the Christmas choir up here.

For I have no words to tell you
of the joy their voices bring
for it's beyond description
to hear the angels sing.

I know how much you miss me,
I see the pain inside your heart.
but, through our memories so dear..
We're never far apart.

I can't tell you of the splendor
or the peace here in this place
Can you just imagine Christmas
with Our Savior.......face-to-face.

I'll ask him to light your spirit
As I tell him of your Love.
Then I'll pray for 'One another'
As you lift your eyes above.

So please let your heart be joyful
and let your spirit sing
for I'm spending Christmas in heaven
and I'm walking with the king.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas it always amazes me

It amazes me everytime I stop and think about the real meaning of Christmas. I know that some don't like saying Merry Christmas but I will always say it. Christ is the reason we have Christmas! I found this video that has a song that I love around this time of year.
Yeah it's fun to go shopping and putting up Chirstmas trees and all the decorations to go along with it. But without Jesus Chistmas wouldn't be so I encourage you to tell someone Merry Christmas this season and don't fall into the world views HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mary did you know?

This is one of my favorite Christmas songs. Sometimes we get so caught up in shopping and decorations and everything that we think needs to be done that we forget about the real reason we have Christmas. Christmas would be nothing without Jesus. This Christmas I'm praying that it's differnent than any other one we have celebrated before. I'm excited to see what God is going to do this season.

Monday, December 1, 2008

what did i do

I don't know what I did but something happened to my old blog! Who knows but I started another one I can still log on and it shows up but it won't let me do anything to it who knows what I did! Well I hope that everyone had a great Thankgiving holiday and enjoyed the time with the family. I know I did and I was sad today when jimmy had to go to work. As many of you know Jimmy got switched to
2nd shift instead of 3rd. But it's going to be alright (at least I keep telling myself that!)
Nothing really going on here in the Julian house. We did get our Christmas trees up this past weekend and we are going to do the outside this week hopefully it will stop snowing long enough for us to do that! I am not liking this snow already I'm a summer fall kinda girl. But I love it snowing on Christmas and that's it!
Well Jimmy is about ready to get off so I"m going to finish wrapping some presents that I bought and spend sometime with my hubby! But I found this funny picture of Kolton and Emily as I was going thru my pic, I haven't posted this one yet. If yoiu know Kolton you know he is a character and loves to make others laugh hope you enjoy it and have a laugh, everyone needs to laugh even when everything around us looks bad.