Tuesday, March 9, 2010

man it's been a long time

Well it's been a long time sine i updated my blog, but life has been really busy and crazy! Well just a few updates the boys are doing great getting so independant. It' a bitter sweet moment for me though, I love the fact that they can do things for themselves and then it's sad because I want them to need my help too. But thats apart of growing up I guess. Kolton has been doing incredible in school with behavior and school work God has really done something in his life I'm looking forward to what He does in days to come thru him. Krisotfer is doing good in school and getting ready to go to the state JBQ meet next weekend he is really excited about that.
Jimmy was laid off for three months but Praise God he got called back and is now working the 2nd shift 3-11 not my favorite shift but hey it's a job right ! Well I'm excited about whaqt GOd is doing in our familly and He never ceases to amaze me as the days go by.
Well I will be on here more updating but until then I hope that everyone has a great week