Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's been awhile

Well it's been awhile since the last time I updated this, I've been busy doing other things so I've not had the time to update it. So that is what I'm going to do now. Not a whole lot has been going on with us, Jimmy and I have managed not to get sick(thank God)!. But the boys had alittle going on with them , kristofer had strep throat about a few weeks ago and kolton had the flu for a few days. But they are defiently better now!
An update on the kids, Kristofer is doing good in school he brought home 3 tests today and all three of them were A's! He is also doing good in Junior Bible Quiz, I know it's hard but I'm proud of him how far he's came these past few weeks with that.
Kolton is just Kolton I don' t know another word to describe that bundle of energy! He's hilarious, he can say somethings to always make me laugh. Today we were driving down the road and he was naming the places that he saw.... this was our conversation: mamma what's that called? pizza hut, mamma whats that called? Applebee's , mamma what's that called? he waited so I thought he didnt ' know I said that's Diary Queen, he said no mamma that's milkshakes! I just started laughing, kids say some funny things.
I"m just glad that he is talking, and doing so good at it. He has come such along way even over the past few months, what an improvement we've seen in him.

The boys are both getting ready to start baseball we are excited about that I'm more excited because that means warmer weather is on it's way!
Well here is a few pictures from the past month. I'll try and update more!