Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Baseball season is underway!

Well the boys started baseball season offically on April 20th, it's been great so far. Kristofer has had 3 games so far, and has won all 3 of them! We are very proud of him, he is doing so well this season. He has pitched two innings every game and done really good, and then the other innings he has either been cathcher or short stop. He loves all three of those positions, I personally like him playing short stop, but Jimmy loves it when he pitches(go figure right?)
Well here are the scores so far;4/21 they won 2-0, 4/25 they won 3-1, and then tonight 4/29 they won 16-2! So we are on a winning strick~ I hope it last! They have another game this coming Saturday so I'll post how they do then.
Now on to Kolton~ he is playing his second year in T-ball, and doing alot better than last year! He is staying on the field, and staying on the bases like he's suppose to and even hitting! So it's been a great year for him too. Now their league does't keep score so he has won all of his games too! And he also has a game this coming Saturday, so we will be spending all day at the ball field, hopefully it's nice out. I love baseball season, it's busy but so much fun. I know that sounds crazy but it's the truth.
Now before I had kids I wasnt' much of a sports fan period, but now that I have two boys that love sports and a husband that does also, I kinda either have to like it or get use to it! So why not like it, I figure that it's going to be apart of my life for awhile so I might as well enjoy it!And for me it's alot different watching your kids play then watching a professional game that you dont know the people anyway!
Well we had Kristofer's bday party on last Friday evening, he had a great turn out and got lots of fun stuff. I was really bad and didn't take any pics of that did remember my camera though just ddint' have a chance to use it! O well, thats life.
I do have some baseball pics that I will post later I"m getting ready to go to bed after spending 3 hours at the ball field I'm worn out, so hope everyone is having a great week!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

where did 8 years go?

Well tomorrow my oldest son Kristofer will be 8! I can't believe thats possible, it seems like yesterday he was in my arms. Man does time really go by fast. Alot has happened in 8 years, I went from being a newly married girl to being a mom! What an adjustment that was, but well worth it. Then the next few months I spent rocking, feeding, changeing, loosing sleep, but I would do it all over in a heart beat. Then he went to kindergarten, man was that a big step sending him off to a place he has never been before. But ofcourse he did great, it was me that had a hard time! Next was 1st grade, now 2nd !
I"m so proud of Kristofer and all that he has become thus far. God has really blessed our family with a treasure, I wouldn't change it for anything! I am excited to see what the next year holds for him.
Well here is a baby picture of kristofer when he was 2 months old, then his new school picture this year. So you can see how in 8 years they really do grow up and change. But no matter what he will be my baby forever!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

spring pictures!

The boys got their spring pictures back today so I scanned them and thought I would upload them so everyone could see them. Other than that nothing really going on this week. I'll have more to say later but tonight is Tuesday night:"american idol" is on!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Whats going on

Well not a whole lot has been going on with us, but I do have some great news to share with everyone. Most of you know that in December Jimmy got his pay cut in half which was really crazy, too say the least. But through prayer and being faithful to God, even though life wasn't going the way that we wanted it to, God provided and as of last night he is back on as operator! So I want to thank all those who kept us in your prayers during this time.
It's all about God's timing, not ours. I tried to take matters in my own hands, because I was worried about everything, and I went applying for all these jobs. Not one person ever called me back from those apps I did have one interview but nothing. I was getting upset because I was sure I would get one of those jobs! But God knew what He had planned, and once I stepped out of the picture starting asking God what He wanted me to do and not telling Him what was going to do, it all worked according to His plan and purpose. One of the things that I learned in this time, is that I need to fully trust God not just with some things but with ALL things. Not so easy at times , but well worth it in the end!
I look back over these past few months and I am amazed that we made it I don't have to go in detail but there was times where I was wondering how in the world is this going to happen. I 'm sure everyone knows what that feels like at some point.
I heard this one song it's on Fireproof movie, and it's called "while I'm waiting" by JOhn waller. It's so good, it actually became my theme song these past few months. This song talks about waiting on the Lord, and through it all praising God and walking in obedience with Him while waiting. Not easy at times but it's the only way to do it. Through these past few months I just decided that what ever God wanted to do, I need to let Him do and just walk with Him. So that is really what God has been doing in my life these past few months. Growing isn't always a easy, just like when the kids have those growing pains, it does hurt the same way when God is growing you, but it's well worth it! Here is that song, and everyone have a great Easter and remember to trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not upon your understanding!