Saturday, April 30, 2011

The last few weeks

The last few weeks have been busy! We had kristofers 10th birthday party last week . It went pretty good he had a lot of friends come and he enjoyed every bit of it! Then Easter was following kristofer did a human video drama with the church it was really good(watched it after they did it on the computer )!
Then the last week of April has been filled with alot of work! I have taken on a few more house cleaning projects for two ladies and finishing up the school year with CPC. I'm going to stay pretty busy for the next month or so but wouldn't want it any other way.
God has been good to us and even though we have to wait on things God always comes thru for us everytime. Maybe not the way that we always want but we arent' in control GOD IS!
Also some other news Kristofer got asked to be on the traveling team with baseball which is a big honor, i know more work for us and more games and practices but as long as it don't become our Number 1 priority I think it will be alright!
Well here are a few pics of the past few weeks,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Adventure!

Well I'm excited to say that I have started a new adventure while still doing the other things that I do . I have decided to become an Independent Beauty Constultnant for Mary Kay!
I am looking forward to this new adventure, nervous alittle trying something new but hey you wont' know until you try so that is what I'm going to do! Give it my all. I have a party booked already and one that wants to book later in June and I have several people responding and telling me that they have orders so I am looking forward to taking the plunge and diving right it!
So keep me in prayer as I venture out and take this step. It came along in a time that I could use it and I know that God has a plan and I'm taking a step of faith. Well if you know of anyone that wears Mary Kay and would like to know of someone who sells it I would love to help them out please let them know that they contact me and I will help them.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Baseball Season 2011

Well it's offically started BASEBALL season !!!!!!! So excited I love the boys being active and playing sports. And I love baseball season. yeah it's really busy but it's so much fun. We had Jamboree today at Terre Town Baseball and boy was it cold outside. The boys both had games today which were just kick off the season games so no score was kept and it was all for fun ! Well it's always for fun during the season but this game didnt really count!
Kolton did a great job in the outfield today, he moved up this year and is no longer in Tball ! So he did really good at paying attention and keeping his focus on the game. He had two plays in the outfield he caught the ball one time and threw it to first base and got the kid out, the second time he threw it to the pitcher to get the kid out at home, didnt succed at the one but hey he knew what he was suppose to do! I was really impressed with his progress this year!

Kristofer was the catcher during his game today, he loves that position and I must say he is really good at it! He had a really good hit today also but he did get out at first but hey he did good thats all that matters. I'm just amazed how much he has grown in playing baseball he is really gifted at this. He has natural abiltiy is what all the coaches say which is awesome. All the coaches are constantly braggin on him from other teams too about how he is a great thing team player and has great sportsmanship. Which is a great thing! I'm so proud of both of them

I am looking forward to all the games this season and I know that sounds crazy to alot of people but thats the life of a mom with two active boys! I love it there will be more posted weekly about their games and how they are doing we have koltons first game on Monday and Kristofers on Tuesday ! Let the fun begin but warmer weather would be great !

Monday, April 4, 2011

It is good to Obey!

These past few months I have come to find out that it is better to obey what God wants for you to do then to do what you want! That isnt' the easist thing for me to do but is it for any of us?
We have been having Outpouring services since August at church and I have grown so much in these past months and have been challenged too! We are going to face challenges and trials in life that is just how it is but its what we do with it . I will admit it would be so easy sometimes to quit and give up but is that really easier or better not at all. In James 1:2-3 says "count it all joy when you fall into various trials knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience." So we are going to have them we just have to continue having faith in God to see us through.

Back in January God started really speaking to me not that He wasnt' all along but to be honest I dont' always listen I sometimes need a shaking! So I'm a little stubborn sometimes or strong willed whatever you want to call it.. But I had been seeking God and still am for some things in my life and this is what He said through several different people during prayer time at the alter. The same word that kept being spoken was obedience. Here I thought I was being obedient, I'm going to church every time we have it I mean Sunday, wednesday and O.P services on thursday and Friday? Giving my tithes and reading my bible and praying? wasnt' that enough?
The answer for me was No it wasnt', those things are what we are suppose to do but not out of obligation or just because its the right thing to do . It should be because we desire to have more of God in our life than ever before and desire Him above anything else in our life. So God asked me to be more obedient in a few areas that I thought I was but not enough. One of those areas was in my praise and worship time, not only to be done at church while everyone can see me but in my home when no one is looking. The other area was in my prayer time. Not just asking God for all the things that I think that I need to have done in my life but really seeking Him first and letting Him be the head of my life. Not just seeking Him when things come up but everyday in every area of my life.
So the past few months I have been obedient in these areas do I have it all together NO but I know that God is a rewarder of those who dilgently seek Him. I know that God has great things in store and I just have to obey what He says to do.
When I ask my boys to do something I want them to listen and do it the first time so i dont' have to ask them over and over . So if I want my own children to obey and listen the first time I need to listen and obey God when He speaks the first time because it is better to do it when He first speaks.
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