Sunday, March 27, 2011

blessed in the small things

I just want to take a moment and thank God for the things that we sometimes take forgranted or sometimes over look. Sometimes we get so busy with the business of everyday life that we forget about the small things in life that bring us so many blessings. When life gets so chaotic and we are surrounded by problems or just life issues we can't over look the things that God has blessed us with.
This weekend I spent so much time in cleaning the house and worry about people coming over for a coupon class it consumed me . Honestly does it really matter if we have fingerprints on the coffee table or a few toys on the floor I really dont think so ! It just made me think tonight after looking at my youngest son Kolton and seeing time flies by and how fast they really do grow, in the end it dont' matter how clean my house was or how much money we make or what we buy them that matters. All that matters at the end of the day is did I show my boys how much I love them and did I show them what being a christian is all about. Did I tell them about Jesus and not only tell them but lead by example. Because there will be a day that I will look back and want those fingerprints all over the house and toys that i can step on in the middle of the night on my floor! There will be a time that they will leave and start a family of their own and I will miss all these times that drive me crazy!
We have blessings everyday ;they are in our children sometimes yes they do drive me crazy or wear me completely out but they are blessings!

Let us never take those blessings for granted and always stop and thank God for them

Monday, March 14, 2011

Friends like family

I am so thankful for a group of friends that I know will be there anytime I need them. I remember back in high school I know right a long time ago ! But I remember trying to find that group of girls that I could hangout with and be my self . well it wasn't until I got out of high school and in my late 20's that I found a group of friends that have become more to me than a group of friends but more like extended family!
It's a great feeling to know that when I am struggling or having a bad day I can call them and I know that instead of gossiping about me and spreading rumors they pray for me and encourage me. We dont' have to compete with one another to see who can become the popular one or keep up with what each other has, but we rejoice when someone gets something new or something good happens for one of them. It's so much different than when I was younger. Now I realize what it means to have great friends. God knows exactly who we need in our lifes and I thank God for the group of friends that He has given me and I want each one of them to know how much they mean to me!

Proverbs 17:17 MSG " Friends love through all kinds of weather , and families stick together in all kinds of trouble"

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Truly blessed

Everyday I am reminded how blessed I really am. I am so thankful for the gifts that God has intrusted me with;my children. I have been given two boys Krisotofer and Kolton who are simply amazing. There is nothing that I would rather be then their mom. As I sit here this night thinking over the past almost 10 years since i have this privalge to be called a mom I'm very grateful with what I have been given.

I don't have perfect children and no one does but I have awesome boys that are growing up so fast. I sit here tonight listening to my youngest sleep and thank God that he is making so much progress. I know that God has a plan for his life, i'm amazed how far he has come with what was simple for our oldest son Kristofer has been a challenge for our youngest son Kolton. It's amazing how children even coming from the same household can be so different. I thank God for their differences and embrace their uniqueness.

Kristofer has really grown up these past few months he is getting to be mature in ways that I am so thankful for . He has started to grow in the Lord which as a mom I cant be more proud of him. I always want him to know that the only way to succeed in life is to have Jesus in your life walking with you every step of the way. I know that in his life he will have to make choices and decisions but I'm thankful that as he has to do those things he has a foundation to stand on and the word of God in his heart. I know that God has a plan for his life not sure what he will do but i know what ever it is he is going to do great things! He has such a talent in alot of areas but as long as he uses the for the glory of GOd im happy !

Kolton is a joy to be around. I thank God for his life daily. There is something special about him he has such a tender compassionate heart. He truly makes me happy , there are times when he is a challenge but I know through those times we are getting stronger. These past few months I have seen a big change in his life. Not only in what he is able to do academically but even growing in the Lord . I know he is only 7 years old but I believe that God uses children and speaks to them. Kolton has a heart for God and is constantly wanting to pray for people. The way that he worships when he is at the alter at church is a joy to watch. God has given him the talent with music. He told me that Jesus said he was going to be a Pastor when he gets bigger , I believe that with all my heart. What the enemy meant for bad God has turned it around for the good and God will get the glory.

I have to stop and thank God every day for my children, because children are a gift from the Lord.