Wednesday, August 17, 2011

School is off to a great start

Well the first two days of the new school year has went great.  The boys both love their new teachers and I am so happy it makes it so much easier to send them when you know they love it!  It's hard to believe that Kristofer is in the 5th grade last year in elementary school where did the time go i have no clue ! Kolton is in 2nd grade now growing up way too fast.  But each new season of their lifes is an exciting time.  God is going to use them both in a great way this school year and I have to trust Him to complete the great work that He has started in their lifes! 
Along with their new school year I have a new school year as well lookig forward to teaching the Creatiing Postive Relationships program to all the vigo, clay, vermillion, parke , sullivan county schools this year.  We have expanded and with that comes alot more teaching and alot more time into this program. But I know its going to be worth it .  We have made new changes to the curriculm this year and I'm really excited about that , with that I have been spending the past two afternoons makiing new stuff to go along with the curriculm trying to save the center some money adn doing some crafty things myself ! 
I'm asking God thsi year for a fresh annointing when I go into the classrooms its alot of spirtual battles that I endure while doing this program but i know that is' all worth it in the end!  God is going to change the lifes of these teenagers in this city and the surrounding cities as well I can't wait to see what happens this school year! keep us in prayer for the upcoming year !