Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Prayer

I have heard this song alot on wbgl but for some reason when i just heard it, it really spoke to me. This is my prayer I need more of Jesus in my life than ever before. I want to the Lord to tear down anything that is keeping me from giving my all to Him. Last Sunday night when I was in the service, we were praying for those who had something going on that they needed the Lord to touch their situation. And like we were asked to do find someone with their hand up and ask them what they need pray for so that is what I did. And right after that we were singing and Sister Karen came up to me and gave me hug and started praying for me, not knowing the things that were going on which no one did, she prayed everything that I needed her to. God is so good, even when we think that we are OK HE shows us that we aren't , it's ok to get prayer for yourself, I feel like so many times I'm giving and giving and praying for others that I don't do that for myself. God showed me during that prayer time that He does care about everything that goes on in my life,even the small things. But to me the small things seem like Big things if you know what I mean. Our family is going thru somethings right now and it's hard but God is still God and He will never leave us nor forsake us and He will supply our need and He's a great God! And no matter what the enemy throws our way we WIN!
Well here is the song called " Hurricane" this is my prayer and I hope you like it

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Well it's been about a week with out the computer, and tell you the truth I survived without it! But I'm glad I got it back. Well not much has been going on with us this week, except for staying inside out of this cold weather(other than taking the kids to school)... but today the boys had a dentist appointment at 11 so I let Kristofer stay home it was a delay anyway! And then No school tomorrow or Monday! I love it when they are home, it's so much fun playing with them and just watching them grow up before your very own eyes. Although this week for some reason I've been really sad to see them grow up, it's sometimes sad for moms.
But anyway.... today we have spent time playing game, playing the wii(which is so much fun I don't know who santa brought it for? ha ha ) and we let the boys play out in the snow for a few minutes not too long but long enough to have some fun. Krisotfer was making snow angels and playing with our dog who loves the snow but he's a crazy dog! Kolton really didn't like being out in the snow so he stayed by the door and watched most of the time!
Tonight is going to be just the three of us at home, who knows what we will be doing but I'm sure it will be fun... no bedtime YEPPIE!!! I know that may not be good parenting skills but who makes up the rules anyway right? Well I'm going to get off here because I have some delicious chicken in the oven along with some brocoli cheese cassorole! So it's dinner time, I'll be able to post some overdue pics tomorrow or later on this evening but I'll do it as promised . Everyone have a great night and stay inside out of this weather if at all possible!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

computer problems

Well I haven't really been on the computer lately to post any new pics or anything for some reason my computer keeps shutting off on me when i'm on it. I don't know what is going on with it you would think spending alot of money on a DELL computer wouldn't do that but even the best things mess up i guess. So I'm not able to post any pics right now but just an update on the boys they are doing pretty good. Kristofer is getting back into the swing of things with school. It's hard to get back on track after coming off break, but he's doing great. It's hard for me to get back on a schedule with them because on break we just kinda stayed up til whenever, but now it's back to bedtimes!!!!
And Kolton isn't having a great week for some reason but I"m praying that he will start soon! YOu gotta love him but this week he's really trying the patience, but hopefully he 'll stop all this fit throwing TODAY!
Jimmy's doing pretty good he just got done celebrating his 31st bday yesterday which is always fun. But we are all doing good but I'm going to get off before my computer starts doing something crazy! Hope you all have a great week and pray that i get this computer thing fixed out because I have homework that needs to be getting done. Well I'll post some more at a later time