Monday, May 18, 2009

fun arts

Well this past Saturday I went with Kristofer to Fun Arts with the kids from church , what an experience. It went really good with the few minor qlitches but that's ok. I went this workshop on Object Lessons and it was really interesting and I really learned alot from it. To be completely honest I was kinda dreading getting up that early and going to Muncie when I had a lot of other things to do that day, but when you get past It's all about me syndrome then you can actually learn somethings!
I was blessed to be apart of it this year, and look forward to doing it again next year. Ihad a great time spending time with my son Kristofer and my dearest friends "the Henke crew" (besides Danny driving it was really fun) LOL!

Now this week is going to be busy but good, we have a big baseball game tonight for Kristofer he's playing another team that's undefeated so someone is going to have to loose , hopefully not us! But it's going to be good, and then Kolton has a game tomorrow night. We are having our yard sale on Friday and Saturday, plus it's a 3 day weekend! Plan on spending sometime with the family and having a cookout with Hannah and Kris on Monday. So it's going to be alot of family things this week but what could be better.
Well enough for now, gotta go tanning before Kolton gets home from school! I"ll be posting later on how this game goes tonight along with some pics

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The things that kids say that make you smile!

Well first of all I hope that all the fellow blogger moms had a great mother's day, I had a pretty good day. But I wanted to share some cute things that the boys did and said this past weekend that really made me smile, and really glad to be a mom! Well Kristofer made me a card that looked like a magazine cover(really clever), it said Mother of the year... Amanda Julian and had my pic on it. Then the inside had a cover story about me and my age and all that. Then he wrote a fake interview, that read : How did you feel when your'e mom was awarded Mother of the year? Great I think she deserves it. What do you like most about what your mom does for you? That she cooks dinner for me every night. Then the last question was, What have you learned most from the advice your mom has given you? To always follow Jesus and not to cross the road without looking!

It really made me smile they say the funniest things about you sometimes you know ? And then Kolton on Sunday opened the car door for me and said Happy Day Momma, love you. I knew what he meant but it was so stinkin sweet.... which he could be that way all the time! Then we were walking around the mall that day and he was holding my hand and every once awhile he would lean over and give my hand a kiss and smile at me with that adorable smile.

It's in the small things that make me so happy that I"m a mom, we take so much forgranted in life I just pray that we take the time every day to realize it's the small things that mean the most. And apart of the small things are our children. They grow up so fast and soon they will be out of the house and living their own life but for this short time we have them with us, never stop thanking God for all the blessings that He has given you.

Well update on baseball on Monday the boys both had a game , Kolton hit the ball really good and his coach said what an improvement he has made this year, and Krisotfer's team won again 10-3! Still undefeated! We play again on Monday against a team that is also undefeated so it's going to be a good one I'll be sure to post results on that one next week ! Well I've got to head to bed long day tomorrow.
Have a great week

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Baseball pictures as promised

Well I finally uploaded baseball pictures, they are of Kristofer (gray team) and Kolton(red team)! They have done really well this season, very proud of them both. Kristofer had a game this week and they won 4-1 so now his team is 5-0 for the season so far! But he had two great plays during that game he scored his first two homeruns during that game! He was super excited, so were we. Kolton is continuing to improve every game, hitting the ball and staying on those bases doing very good.

And for other news, I've started doing workouts this past week. I'm so sore but I know that it will pay off in the end(i remind myself that on a daily basis)! Tuesday night we started Zumba classes at the church it was so much fun and it was a overall great workout, then I also started working out at the church with Cheryl Lough from church. She is training me on how to do weight training and cardio, and she is tough but very encouraging and pushes me, and thats what I need. I really do feel alot better since I've been doing something! I also this week have eliminated my soda intake(use to be all I drank) but now it's one a day, doing very good with it. I actually can't believe it but it's going good drinking alot more water, and eating healthier. I have a long way to go but I'm really trying this and striving to keep it up! Well thats about all thats going on in the Julian family.