Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What a year

Well it's been awhile since I last posted but life has been a little crazy like most lifes are during the holiday season.  But I think for right now life is going to go back to somewhat normal ? whatever that is lol. I am looking forward to the new year we have already made some changes from last year and I hope there are so more to come.  The first one was Jimmy got his new job and he loves it and who knows what God has in storre for him there he could go up the ladder or move to the federal prison in the future but whatever it is jimmy is right in the palm of Gods perfect plan.
I have made a change to my working schedule as of December I am no longer working at the Cpc even though I loved it and it was great while it lasted but sometimes we need to make changes and its not always easy but necessary all at the same time!.  God has given me another adventure for this comig season in my life I'm working at Kohls and loving it its' a fun enviroment and not as many hours as doing both jobs but a great discount and I'm around a lot of people.  I"ve been really considering going back to school to do physical therapy or massage therapy not sure yet but it's an interest of mine and I am really thinking about doing something with it nothing in the workings yet though. 
Life is going by so fast kids are growing up way to fast, I now know what my parents meant by cherish every moment because they will be grown before you know it.  I completely agree with that . 
Kristofer is going to be in middle school next year and life is about to change I have a feeling !!!!  Its' going to be   a new season for our family and it's going to be great I'm sure but at the same time many challenges.  Kolton is doing pretty good  also making progress daily and I know that there is more to come but God is doing a work and I"m excited to see what He has in store for those boys. 
Well thats about it for now I'll post more later and try to once a week write in the blog !

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