Friday, January 13, 2012

overcoming obstacles and bragging on Dad!

I have been thinking about the past years of obstacles that we have had to overcome and wow all I can say God is good.  I love when people say you can't do something and God shows up and shows off and guess what you can do it thru Christ!
I was watching Kolton earlier today and watching how many obstacles he has come thru these past few years of his life.  wow God has His hand on him and I'm amazed at what they said he couldn't do he is doing and I know he has things he is still working on but arent' we all? We are still a work in progress we aren't finished yet and neither is God with Kolton.  I will only believe what God says about my boys not anyone else. 
By no means are my boys perfect! But is there such as thing as a perfect child ... let me just answer that for you NO~!!!! But my boys have alot of ambition, I believe that they are turning out to be great young men. 
Kristofer is almost in middle school wow thats hard to believe but it's coming faster than I can say it.  But I see so much potential in him , not just athletic ability which he has, not just academics which he is doing great in , but so much more than all that.  He is so considerate of other peoples feelings, so respectful which is a great character quality for when he starts to have girlfriends(which I wish that wasnt' happening any time soon but it will be here before i know it).  He is so talented in so many areas but I'm so thankful for his heart to do the right thing.  He is so innocent right now and I want to perserve that for as long as I can.  I know he is going to grow up and face many challenges but my prayer is that with those challenges and obstacles he will always look to God for those answers he needs. 

Kolton is growing up so fast not quite a baby anymore but still mine.  He said to me the other day mom i'm not a baby anymore but I know i'm yours !  He is such a sweet boy with a passionate heart.  He loves to pray for others and has so much faith that God is going to answer his prayer right then and there, sometimes i wish i had that faith of a child.  Kolton may not be the straight A student like others or not really athletic like his brother but he is so much more than all of that in Gods eyes.  Its hard sometimes as a mother when you see your son struggling with stuff and it comes so easy for others and all you want to do is help them but there is nothing you can really do . But I know that God is working on his life and has it all under control.  I believe that what others have said about him God is going to show up and show off and everyone will know that it was the hand of God.

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