Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Schools out for the summer

Well school is out for the summer!  The boys are very exctied about this and I have to say so am I !
I can't believe that i have a 5th grader and a 2nd grader now.  Time really does fly  I use to think that everyne was exhaurating when they said that but I have found it to be so true.  It seems like yesterday I found out that I was pregnant and wow look 10 years later I have two boys that are growing up before my eyes.  I have no regrets though I have spent those years raisng them and taking care of them and spending almost every day with them! 
Kolton has in the past few weeks really showed me that he is growing up and it makes me happy but sad at the same time he is my last the baby of our family !  At night before he use to go to sleep i would have to sit in their room with him until he fell asleep or if he fell asleep on the couch i would have to carry him in their bedroom  But the past few weeks he looks at me and says " I'm tired I'm going to my room to go to bed, mom you can stay in here I'm a big boy now"! 
I said to him are you sure you don't want me to sit with you ? he continues to say to me I'm a big boy now mom!  Mr. independent, I love it for somethings but seriously why do they have to grow up so fast.  I know they have to and I want them to be great mature young men but right now I wish they were just my little boys that still needed to be rocked to sleep .  I know that as they grow up they will need me for different reasons ; girl issues, advice about stuff, but I miss the moments that go by so quickly . 
                                                kolton at 5 months old
                                               kristofer at 5 months old

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Family of Faith said...

It's crazy how fast time goes by...I miss all of mine being babies too. :( But there are new joys that come with these ages as well. It's awesome to see them grow in the Lord and discover their passions and interests, and to share in the things that they love.